A Beautiful Detour


While we were on the way to Talcott Mountain State Park for the first time my traveling companion turns to me and asks if I first want to stop and “see something pretty?”. I looked at him and asked him to specify. He answers “flower pretty”. Since I adore all things flowers I said yes.

So we made a detour to a bridge called The Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge. It is located at 1 Old Bridge Road in Simsbury, CT. Let me tell you I am happy we stopped for a look.

This lovely bridge was built in 1892 and spans 183 feet over the Farmington River. In 1992 it was replaced by a new two-lane bridge. In 1995 it became Simsbury’s “Flower Bridge” through the work of a coalition of community groups, town officials and local businesses. In 1996 groups began to develop community gardens on and around the bridge. Sixty-two wooden flower boxes are hung along the railings and small gardens of annuals, perennials and herbal plantings are planted at both entrances. There are also thirty-two gigantic hanging baskets. The plants are dead headed and clipped daily to ensure continuous blooming from late May to October. In November the boxes are decorated with Winter greenery, branches and berries, which remain until the following Spring. I will have to go and see the Winter decor. Sounds great!

The bridge was retained as a pedestrian and bicycle way and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. It is used by hikers, bicyclists, pedestrians, artists and nature photographers who love flowers (that would be me!).


When we got there the first thing that I noticed (other than the flowers of course) was how immaculate the place was. There was no garbage, dirt or other awful things to dampen the appearance. It is very clear that this is a much loved attraction and people care about it.


I truly admire the work that all the volunteers do to make this bridge look so fantastic. There is a level of care here that you don’t see everywhere.

The second thing I noticed was the fantastic view of the river. I could have looked at it all day!


I took my time looking at all the beautiful plants and taking pictures. I definitely gave my camera’s battery a work out! The day we went it was one of those warm sunny days that is just perfect to be outside. The ones where you don’t want to go back inside the house.


This is a lovely place to have a wedding or to do senior photos. I found out that you can book your wedding there for a $50 donation fee. Plus, it is a great place for artists to come paint.

I love how all the boxes were decorated. They each had their own personality. My favorite was the one with the American flag in it.I love the colors!


We were just about to leave when we looked out at the river and saw a line of people lazily  riding down the river in kayaks , canoes and rafts. Looks like they were having a lot of fun! Wish I could have joined them.

We had been there while and decided that it was time to head off.  First I had to get a shot of the bridge in its entirety. Very glad I did.


Next time you are in Simsbury, CT take a minute and pop over to the Bridge. I can definitely say that this is on the list of prettiest places to view the river and flowers.

Next time a fun place in South Deerfield, MA.

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6 thoughts on “A Beautiful Detour

    • It really does! There is another flower bridge that i visited last year that is much bigger that I plan on writing about. I took so many pictures that I am trying to cull them down to the best shots to show. I think I took near 150 -175 pictures. Haha! It was such a great place.

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