A Sad View From My Window…

Hello everyone! Sorry I was gone for awhile. I needed to take a little break from the Blogging World because of work (Easter was insane!!). I am back and ready to share some more of my travels.

First though, I had to share something with you. I woke up (a little blurry eyed) and opened my curtains this morning and this was what I saw…

Yes, ladies and gentleman that is snow. Not an odd thing to see in New England…except that it is April 4th. And my calendar says it is supposed to be Spring. You know, the season of blooming flowers, singing birds flying around happily and warmer weather.

However, it seems Mother Nature has forgotten to take her medication and thinks it is still Winter. Not cool, Mother Nature. Not cool at all.

Look at it. All slushy, cold and gross. Ugh. I came home and could hear people outside shoveling the awful white stuff. There were also plows out driving around trying to clear the roads.


It’s not right I tell you. Not right at all!

As I write this it is 25 degrees (and yes it feels like it!). It is supposed to be pretty cold for the next few days so I think I will stay under a warm blanket and wait for this horrible weather to pass. Hopefully next week we will be back in the right season. That way I can finally head back outside and wander around again.


Next time I will be writing about one of the two prettiest Spring locations I visited last year. Whenever I look at the pictures I took there I smile. I hope you do, too!


6 thoughts on “A Sad View From My Window…

  1. Yes, we had a good dumping here too in Ontario! Like you, I wondered what the world was coming to… I’m glad to get to the refuge! I liked the shot of the train tracks! Good perspective, and it makes me feel like I’m going somewhere… The weather should break here after this week, said the polar bear to the Popsicle.

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  2. The seasons are all messed up. Our weather in the UK is very changeable. We can seem to get 4 seasons in one day. We had a burst of snow last week too, which is also not he norm. Beautiful spring day today.


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