60° in February!


Today was a lovely day. It was sunny, warm and 60°. It feels weird writing that. It should be cold outside.

After I had gotten some chores done I decided to go out some where and enjoy the warm weather.

I called up my Mom and suggested we go feed the ducks at Stanley Park. She loved the idea so off we went to the store to buy some bread.

With several loaves of bread in hand we drove to the park.

When we got there we discovered that we had worn the wrong foot attire. Why? Because all the snow and ice that was there had started melting because of the warm temperature and neither one of us had worn snow boots. Oops!

We were undeterred, though. We had bread and by golly we were going to feed those ducks!

It took us a while but we finally trudged (and slid at times) our way to the duck pond. Surprisingly there wasn’t many people there so the ducks were very happy to see us.


They went nuts when we started feeding them. They merrily quacked away as they eat.

As I got down to my last few pieces of bread a little boy and his Grandpa came up next to me. The little boy was just delighted by the sight of so many ducks around. He giggled as he threw the pieces of bread his Grandpa gave to him.

It was great to watch this little guy have so much fun doing something we adults might find boring. It was definitely a little lesson to slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life. To just relax and take in everything around you.

After some walking around and visiting the surrounding area (as much as we could) we decided to head home. Our shoes were wet and we had a craving for some coffee.

I hope you all enjoyed your day where ever you may be!



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