A Lazy Sunday


One lazy Sunday last Summer a friend and I decided to go out for a ride. We had been visiting lots of forests and hiking trails as of late and had a desire to find something new.

“Why not find some waterfalls” my friend suggested. So after a quick internet search we found one not too far away.

In the cozy town of New Marlborough, MA is a beautiful waterfall called Umpachene Falls. It is open from May 1st to Oct 1. The Umpachene River dumps into the Konkapot river, which flows around the park.


It is important to note that the Falls are for the residents and friends of residents of New Marlborough, but if you ask politely the grounds keeper shouldn’t have a problem with you having a short visit.

On the day that we went there was no grounds keeper and the few people that were there didn’t seem to mind us looking around.

There is a small parking lot to park in and plenty of tables and swings so you can sit and have a small bite to eat. The park does have a rule that you respect the park by leaving NO trash there or consume alcohol while visiting. The park closes at 8 pm.


You can see the Konkapot River right from the parking lot. It is a very quiet area. It might have been because there was only a handful of people there that day, though. Since the last few places we had visited had been packed with people it was nice to have the place basically to ourselves.

We were surprised to find out that the path to the falls was very short. As in right off the parking lot. You walk up a small hill and there it is! What a treat it was to not have to hike a long way to see something.


What a view! It is absolutely gorgeous! To this day I still can’t believe that there wasn’t more people there.

The people that were there were of the older crowd and a couple with their young son who was elated to see such a pretty sight. He was playing in the water and having a grand time!

Swimming is allowed there at the swimming hole but there are no life guards so be very careful when doing so.

One older gentleman had brought a lawn chair with him and was sitting down reading a book. I am not gonna lie, I was very envious of him! That seems like a perfect way to spend the day. And what a location to do it at.

I sat down on a rock that I found and just sat there with my eyes closed listening to the sound of the water. I wish i could have made a recording of it! A little loud but nice and peaceful.

After a few minutes I got up and took a few pictures. I surprisingly didn’t take as many as I normally do when I visit somewhere new. This time I just wanted to take it all in and enjoy it while not having to take a hundred pictures or worry about things like “is my light ok” or” what f-stop number should I use”. It may sound a bit corny but sometimes it is just nice to just live in the moment and enjoy it!

We stayed there a little while longer and decided it was time to go (it was getting a bit too hot).

On our way back home we stopped at a place called The Southfield Store. If you haven’t heard of this place you really need to visit it! It is a cafe’ and bakery. They have home made pastries, pies, tarts and cakes (which are fantastic and mouth watering when you first see them). They also have sandwiches, chips and a assortment of drinks.

It is also a casual late week dinner option from mid-May till Nov 1st.

For more information you can visit:




5 thoughts on “A Lazy Sunday

  1. I’m learning about so many new places in the area to visit (well, they’re new to me at least). This place looks beautiful. I’m the same way about listening to waterfalls. I find water and the ocean to be so peaceful, even during a storm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I love storms! Thunderstorms put me right to sleep. I have always been fascinated with thunderstorms. I get it from my Dad. Haha! When I was younger and living in FL whenever it stormed my Dad and I would always be at the window watching every thing. I am excited for warmer weather. Can finally get out of the house and do more things.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Totally agree! Storms are a gorgeous subject to photograph. As long as you are safe doing it. I love seeing pictures of thunderstorms and tornadoes. I don’t like the destruction they cause but I do like seeing them in pictures. Esecially the colors of the sky during them.

        Liked by 1 person

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