Rockport Revisited

Never been here before! Will have to visit one day! Lovely photos!

Bespoke Traveler

Rockport-harbor“This is such a charming town,” I say to Teddie. He snorts in derision. “You haven’t become a butterfly, have you?” he asks, eyeing me suspiciously. I cringe at my statement, though I made it in sincerity. “Charm,” however, is a word Teddie resents as much as he does what he calls the “butterflies”: summer tourists who flit to Rockport, Massachusetts for three to four weeks creating havoc among the locals. Teddie has spent years listening to their sentiments about his birthplace. “What enchanting views,” “You have such a quaint little store,” “It’s so quintessentially New England,” they will say, as if there were other unfortunate places which did not meet some unspoken regional standard. They would descend upon us every June, sip their lemonades, snap photos of the coastline, paddle around the promontory, then disappear leaving behind a few spare coins for tip and their detritus for…

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