A Slow Climb to the Top


In Mt. Washington, MA (the extreme southwest corner of the state) is Bash Bish Falls Park. It is named after Bash Bish Falls, which is the state’s highest single drop waterfall. In the beginning of this past Summer I had the pleasure of viewing this beauty.

It is on the state line of NY and MA and located next to New York’s Taconic State Park. A very nice forest to visit, hike and camp in.

The day I went it was very hot but sunny, which made the water in the river that flows along the trail up to the Falls sparkle. It was a very nice sight to see and I loved the sound of the water to accompany me up the trail.


The trail up to the Fall is about a half a mile. It is at a incline so it ranges from easy for the more active and moderate for the older or less active person. I found it a little challenging but I believe it was because of the heat. If you go to visit this beautiful place in the Summer please remember to bring enough water with you.

The park is a very popular place and was full of happy families taking advantage of the wonderful weather. I thought it was great to see all those smiling faces!

The hike was a little hard but when you reach the top you are met with a view that was totally worth it!

Let me tell you, after seeing this view all thoughts of how hot, tired and thirsty I was seemed to vanish into thin air. All I wanted to do was get a closer look. I think I snapped about 30 pictures of just the Falls from the top of the trail.

*****A side note for the parents of little ones : There is NO swimming allowed at the Falls. The pools are shallow and some of the rocks are very slippery (I found this out the hard way!). Very easy to fall.  There have been 25 deaths there in the last 50 or so years. Some were due to drowning but most were due to rock climbing or rock jumping. There have been railings installed by The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. You are allowed to walk on the small rocks in front of the Falls to get some pictures but that is about it.  Just thought I would mention that to keep the kiddies safe. *********

I really liked this waterfalls. It has a secluded feeling what with all the trees (such as maple, oak and beech) surrounding it. All you heard was the water falling down the rock (about 60 feet or so) and the animals in the distance. It was really nice to go some where you are totally engulfed in nature. A beautiful  place to spend the afternoon. I highly suggest bringing a good camera with a full battery because I guarantee when you see that view you will be taking many, many pictures! How could you not!

You can find out more about Bash Bish Falls at:




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