A hidden jem.


The last couple of years I have been lucky enough to head to Bennington, Vermont to visit a certain park. It is a deer park! It is filled with deer of various ages. My favorite to watch are the babies. So adorable!


The Park is called The Vermont Veterans Home Deer Park. It is an enclosed area (roughly 1.58 acre) and has 23 Fallow deer. The Veteran’s Home staff cares for the deer herd year round.

There is also a very nice picnic area in which to watch the deer and a trout pond situated at the north end of the grounds.

I found the deer to be very friendly. They do not run when you walk up to the fence and they do not seem to mind having their picture taken.

There is a spring-fed brook that runs through the deer park for a fresh water supply, which also feeds into the home’s trout pond. The deer are feed primarily hay but they also love apples and bananas.

I love to visit this park. It is nice to be able to watch some beautiful animals without having to visit a zoo or a sanctuary. I can just park my car, sit down with some food at a picnic table and watch the deer frolic and graze. It is a very wonderful and peaceful experience.

I highly recommend visiting this wonderful park (the little ones will especially get a kick out of it).

It is located at 325 North Street in Bennington, VT. You can find out more information at their website.



3 thoughts on “A hidden jem.

    • It totally is a photographer’s dream! I took sooo many pictures last time I was there. It really is lovely just to sit there and watch them wander around. And they really don’t mind it. There were a couple skittish ones but the majority of them just look at you and then go back to whatever they were doing. It is a good place to visit if you ever get to Vermont.

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