Knee Deep in the Snow…



This is the first in a series about Stanley Park in Westfield, MA.

Right now Massachusetts is experiencing a snow less December. This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on if you like snow or not. I have a love/ hate relationship with snow. I love how beautiful it looks when it first snows and the peaceful calm that surrounds the area.  What I don’t like about snow is that it means we are in for a long and cold Winter and I am forced inside for a few months huddling under a blanket trying to stay warm.

The joy of the first warm day of the year is immense. I can go outside and explore the world again! The first warm day of 2015 was in early March of this year. By warm I mean about 43 degrees. To some that is still cold. To me it was like being in the Bahamas. I decided that Stanley Park would be a great place to visit that day. I live a stones throw away and the desire to see it covered in snow was too great for me to ignore.

Stanley Park is located at 400 Western Avenue in Westfield, MA. It is a privately owned 300-acre park. It was established in 1945 by the philanthropist and benefactor Frank Stanley Beveridge.  You can check out their website at:

As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed I was only one in about 5 people there. This made me excited because normally in the warmer months this place is packed so I would get to experience the place all by my lonesome. It was so lovely and quiet.

I made my way down to the Duck Pond where all the ducks and swans are.

The ducks looked like they were having a grand time playing around in the snow! I next wanted to turn left and walk over to the covered bridge. I stepped off the little bridge that goes over the Duck Pond…and found myself in knee high snow! Oh my! Thank goodness I bought tall boots! I trudged my way over to the Covered Bridge and was met with a beautiful view.

The Covered Bridge has never looked so good!

The next stop on my walk was to be the Colonial Pond. The ducks and swans swim there, also, and are feed by visitors daily. My favorite to watch are the little kids. They always have huge smiles on their faces while watching the ducks eat.

Unfortunately, that knee high snow I mentioned earlier had become almost thigh high snow now. It was becoming an issue to get through.


My lovely and quiet stroll through the park was now becoming a workout! I decided to clean off a bench and just sit for a while and listen to the sounds of the park. The ducks were busy quacking away, the swan was gliding through the Duck Pond and the wind was blowing slightly. It was a peaceful way to spend a part of my day. After about 45 minutes I decided it was time to go home and have some tea. I left the park feeling invigorated and excited for the slowly impending Spring.

What do you do when the first warm day of the year arrives?


5 thoughts on “Knee Deep in the Snow…

    • Haha! I will send you some! We are supposed to get some more this weekend. I have seriously been considering getting some snowshoes and trying that out to visit more places. That in itself should be a riot. Stanley Park really is a great place. I have more stories to tell of it. I made it a series. You have to with that place. Too nice to just devote one post about it.

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